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Melodic metal from Sweden

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SLOTH - New Album Out Now

Nine hard rocking songs for any given moment!

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Recording The Sloth Album

This time it was the Laney's turn to shine.

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Winter Calls

A bit chilly in the studio at the moment.


Stonfrog was created 1997 by Stefan S Persson and Mickael Laine, and later bass player Magnus Östborg joined the band. A few years of playing live and recording demos but never really made it big, slowly transformed the band into my (Stefan's) own little solo project.

I have worked my way through different bands over the years, ranging from hard rock to death metal. What I'm passionate about and really mastered over the years, is the melodic hard rock/metal type of music that I create in Stonfrog. Bass guitar was the first instrument I learned to play, and I played the bass for about two years. Then I bought my first guitar, a red Cort MM that is still hanging on my studio wall.

I listened a lot, and still do, to guitarists like Vito Bratta, Jake E Lee, John Norum, Vinnie Moore and Paul Gilbert. Even if I try to play my own style, these gentlemen certainly colored the way I play.

Audio & Video

Shadow King


Until it Dies

Cold Hearted Soul


Cassette demo tapes

  • 1997 - Awakened By Dreams (7 songs)

Demo CD's

  • 1998 - The Demo (4 songs)
  • 2000 - The Final Beginning (9 songs)
  • 2002 - Who Made You? (7 songs)
  • 2004 - By My Evil Mind (4 songs)
  • 2009 - Into The Sun (4 songs)
  • 2010 - Truth Be Lied (2 songs)
  • 2012 - Out Of Touch (3 songs)
  • 2013-2015 - Various Single Songs (7 songs)
  • 2015 - One.15 (3 songs)
  • 2015 - Undistorted Tales (3 songs)


  • 2003 - Angel (10 songs)
  • 2016 - Broken Dreams Forever Fallen (4 song EP)
  • 2017 - Free (4 song EP)
  • 2018 - Sloth (9 songs)


Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson
Stefan S Persson